Who we are.

Football mad professionals and hidden champions

We live and breathe football and have great respect for its social significance. With this passion for the game in our hearts, we always keep a cool head and achieve on-target results in a pragmatic way to ensure long-term value for our clients and our favourite sport.
What makes us different:

Less general consultancy, more targeted expertise.

For each individual client we compile unique teams of experts and managers to work with you on developing the right solution. Our industry expertise and extensive experience make every project a success.

Independent minds take independent action.

We never allow ourselves to get bogged down in the constraints of established conventions and patterns of behaviour prevalent in the football entertainment industry. We operate independently: there is no external influence on our consulting work. Our goal is to build something special, growing and shaping the world of football together with our clients.

Giving it our all, every day: 100%

We encourage each other to innovate so that we can inspire our clients with new ideas.

Philipp Herpel

Planning and organising projects requires strategic thinking and targeted management. Drawing on his degree in engineering and extensive project-management experience, Philipp Herpel has mastered these skills. Football is not only Philipp’s professional pursuit, but also his personal passion. He grew up in the terraces of German stadiums, has attended every football World Cup since 1990, first as a fan, and from 2002 onwards, also as a project manager and consultant for the sports industry.

Making a positive difference in football – that is what drives Philipp Herpel.

He has sweeping knowledge, excellent contact to experts in all areas of the sports industry, and profound international experience in planning and executing even multi-billion-dollar projects.

As a lecturer at the German Sport University in Cologne/Germany, Philipp Herpel has been teaching at the Institute of Sport Economics and Sport Management since 2010, helping students achieve their internationally-recognised MSc in Sport Management. He also holds an Executive MBA from Kellogg/WHU (Chicago, USA/Vallendar, Germany).

In the run-up to the 2006 World Cup, Philipp Herpel supported the project management team tasked with building the World Cup stadium in Cologne, Germany. He then took a seat on the football World Cup Organising Committee, serving as deputy head of the department for cities and stadiums. Together with his team for this project, he ensured that all stadium infrastructures were completed on time, on budget and on target in terms of quality for all World Cup venues.

Philipp Herpel is a passionate fan and dedicated supporter of FC Cologne.

How we got started

HFP GmbH is at the top of its game: specialised consultancy in the football industry.

Our national and international clients include football associations, governments of World Cup and EURO host countries, venues, sports facility operators and football clubs.

With HFP, clients have an independent partner to provide professional support on all questions concerning the planning and implementation of large-scale projects and investment decisions.

From past to present:

  • Philipp Herpel and Alexander Fuchs got to know each other while both serving on the Organising Committee for the 2006 Football World Cup. Subsequent to their substantial contributions towards growth and the development of the German Ernst & Young Sports Industry sector, they founded HFP in 2008 – Herpel Fuchs + Partner GmbH.
  • HFP believes in agile project management performed by small, experienced teams of permanent employees – supplemented, if necessary, by an extensive network of top global experts in their respective fields.
  • In 2018 Philipp Herpel was appointed sole managing partner. After ten successful years of cooperation, Alexander Fuchs decided to dedicate himself entirely to his responsibilities as coach and interim manager but remains closely connected to the company.

What our clients say about us

HFP supported UEFA on the in-sourcing of UEFA Club Competitions Match Operations and UEFA EURO Stadium Operations. Philipp and his team at HFP accomplished extraordinary results through bringing in the most adequate strategic and organizational management tools as well as their integrated project understanding. I can highly recommend HFP for any strategic and complex projects in the sport industry.

Martin Kallen


HFP guarantees reliable project management through the company’s professional and interpersonal skills, target-based project organisation, and a productive approach to its dealings with all points of contact.

Peter Conze

former Africa Director / Director of the Regional Office in South Africa of GIZ

…I am impressed with how HFP meets all the challenges of the sports industry with a great deal of focus and flexibility, working in conjunction with clients to define and implement practical and effective solutions…

Horst R. Schmidt

former First Vice-President of the FIFA 2006 World Cup Organising Committee, and General Secretary and Treasurer of the German Football Federation

…Without any doubt we can recommend the HFP team due to its professional expertise, high quality standards and excellent performance…

Sébastien Leclerc

former UEFA Head of Club Competitions

Through their approach to business and invaluable contribution Philipp and his team left a diverse and great impact on our organization in general and Cycling World Championship events in particular. I was always impressed with the quality of work, interpersonal skills and willingness to basically do what it took to make things happen. In brief, if you are looking for consultants who take a holistic approach, achieve significant progress in minimum time while delivering exceptional results HFP will not let you down. …

Andreas Kroll

CEO of in.Stuttgart and 2007 UCI Road World Championships

HFP provides comprehensive expertise and is an experienced partner, particularly in relation to major international sports.

Stefan Ludwig

former Managing Director DFB Consulting Services

… HFP brought immense expertise to the project, contributing particularly to the upmost contractual understanding of the various relationships between FIFA, governmental institutions, LOC, Host Cities and Stadia. … HFP contributed considerably to a comprehensive appreciation and definition of actual tournament requirements, the set-up of and linkage between the organizations involved, interfaces amongst the stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities. …

Malcolm Simpson

former National Treasury South Africa Deputy General Department