Set goals, achieve goals

Ask the right questions, think through all possible scenarios and make the smartest decisions.
Set goals, achieve goals

The project

We help football associations, clubs and other stakeholders in the football industry identify the right answers to their questions on organising large-scale projects.

The main focus is on restructuring and diversifying their organisations or companies.

The challenge

  • Confidential strategy-based consulting projects usually involve analysing the football industry as a whole and in particular, the role of a company in this context.
  • Organisational structures must be optimised to reflect existing work procedures – or restructured.

Our solution

  • When a company undergoes transformation, we see this as an ongoing process during which the company adapts to the current situation while also preparing for requirements of the future.
  • We develop various scenarios for management and the organisational units involved, put them under a microscope and facilitate a joint decision-making process.

The result

  • By ensuring transparent structures, clear responsibilities and straightforward decision-making and communication channels, we optimise the organisational structure and corresponding project structures.