Society + Sustainability

We not only take responsibility for the success of our projects: we are also committed to implementing them in a socially responsible and sustainable way.

Social Commitment

Football brings people together, football makes a difference and football inspires the world.
Today – always – everywhere.

This is exactly what we find so fascinating – even after all these years of working in a highly numbers-driven sports industry.

We find one fan community to be especially inspiring: The German Federal Working Group for Disabled Fans (BundesBehindertenFanArbeitsgemeinschaft) or BBAG.

BBAG is committed to helping football fans with disabilities – from the third league division all the way up to international matches. We worked closely with BBAG for three years on the Organising Committee for the 2006 Football World Cup. Together we created quality standards that are still valid today and that make it easier for fans with disabilities to attend stadium matches.

We have benefited greatly from our work with BBAG, which opened our eyes in many ways. Together we can do so much more to make it possible for people with disabilities to participate in football events with no – or at least fewer – restrictions. For this reason, we have been supporting the valuable work of BBAG with an annual donation.

Information on BBAG and barrier-free stadium visits can be found at

Football’s coming home – but at what cost?

Environmental Responsibility

As a service provider with international operations, business trips are indispensable and can only be avoided in exceptional cases. That’s why we offset every business trip – whether we travel for acquisition purposes or on behalf of clients.

In atmosfair we have found a partner that makes it possible for us to effectively contribute to global climate protection. The climate protection organisation atmosfair takes an active approach to protecting the climate: Each of our trips is neutralised by our donation to atmosfair.

Economic Action

HFP makes a difference – at work and beyond.

Despite our employees’ many years of passion for football, we are also realists:

The football industry has evolved into a global entertainment industry that today serves many economic, political and personal interests. And HFP also benefits from every successfully concluded consulting engagement.

But this fact does not prevent us from taking a critical stand when it comes to negative developments in the industry. We can’t just look the other way – that’s not who we are. Even if we cannot improve the football world as a whole, we still strive every day to help shape the small, decisive things in a way that promotes the sustainable development and advancement of football.

The general well-being of all people and especially football fans of any kind is just as important to us as our commitment to always providing our clients with agile and needs-based support.