Assessing the stadium’s future

The suitability of a stadium and venue is particularly important for the success of a bid to host a major football event.
Our example shows: We are experts when it comes to ensuring that the technical recommendations and requirements are met, understanding and designing evaluation processes, and transparently carrying out independent assessments of sports infrastructures at the highest level.
Assessing the stadium’s future

The project

In the bidding process for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, HFP supported the world football association in carrying out the technical evaluation of all stadium designs.

Stadium infrastructure accounts for 35 per cent of the technical score, making it the most important component overall.

The challenge

  • Creation of evaluation criteria on the basis of existing technical recommendations and requirements within an extremely tight project period
  • Evaluation of all stadium designs submitted by the two bidders
  • Balanced weighting for must-have and nice-to-have elements

Our solution

  • Develop a comprehensive scoring model, including methodology and templates
  • Analyse and apply the entire bid book content
  • Prepare and perform the stadium-related technical expert visits to both bidding countries
  • Ensure coordination within FIFA’s administration including all divisions involved as well as the independent auditing firm. > Independent Audit Report

The result

  • Stringent questions and answers processes within the scope of the bid evaluation
  • Transparent evaluation of all bidding cities and their stadium models
  • Co-author of the “stadium criteria” in the bid evaluation report: > Bid Evaluation Report