Sustainable EURO 2024 at host city level

The sustainable of major sports events is part of our DNA – and also one of the guiding principles of the UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany.
We supported the host city of Munich as it set out to create the sustainability concept for the UEFA EURO 2024.

The project

The city of Munich is facing the historic task of hosting two European football championships within a three-year period. Minimising the social footprint while maximising a sustainable legacy is one of the most important goals for the city.

We supported the host city of Munich as it set out to create the sustainability concept for the UEFA EURO 2024.

Due to our long-standing involvement in the planning and implementation of the UEFA EURO 2024, we have an overall project expertise for major sports events and are highly familiar with the needs and challenges of the EURO stakeholders.

We are proud to have played a decisive role in getting four of the ten host city sustainability concepts off the ground, including Munich.

The challenge

  • Prepare the sustainability concept within a tight timeframe
  • Involve all relevant project and process participants – internal as well as external – while taking into account differences in objectives among the urban project participants

Our solution

  • Define content and organisation/establish a structure for all urban measures
  • Use standardised and tested project management tools
  • Make the task of defining measures a collaborative process (between overall project management, sub-project management, service providers and all other urban interfaces)
  • Set up and implement a rigorous series of workshops to integrate all participants
  • Support the prioritisation and selection of sustainability activities

The result

  • The foundation for a sustainable UEFA EURO 2024 in Munich was laid.
  • Detailed scheduling and various checklists are now in place to support the continuous monitoring of deadlines and quality controls during the process of creating concept modules.
  • The jointly developed responsibility matrix defines the responsibilities of project participants regarding the planning of further details and implementation.
  • Host City Munich submitted its EURO 2024 sustainability concept on time.
  • The city’s internal and external stakeholders collaborated proactively and efficiently