Successful bidding

You want your city or region to host a major sporting event? But how do you make sure
that your bid makes the cut?
The key to success is a precise understanding of the tournament requirements.

The project

In 2017, the German Football Association (DFB) invited all potential UEFA EURO 2024 venues to submit tender documents.

We supported the cities of Bremen, Düsseldorf and Hamburg while they prepared their bids.

The challenges

  • All tender documents had to be completed under a very tight deadline.
  • This entailed ensuring that our clients were in compliance with the complex tournament requirements and the Host City agreements.
  • In terms of operations and costs, it was unclear how much responsibility the cities were expected to take on and what effect this would have on them.

Our solution

  • HFP served as a hub for all information flowing within the city as well as between the DFB and the bidding cities.
  • Verify, adjust and supplement all documents included in the bid dossier template
  • Provide the necessary contractual background information on UEFA Host City agreements and the tournament requirements
  • Support the cities in their negotiations and analysis of communication and exchange with the DFB and UEFA
  • Distribute and categorise all tasks into logical work packages for clarification and assignment of internal responsibilities
  • Specify and coordinate all requirements with the respective city and stadium authorities
  • Our detailed schedule and various checklists for creating the required bid dossier content served as deadline and quality control.

The result

  • The cities submitted all their bid documents, including annexes, by the deadline. > Public Bid Book
  • The responsible authorities cooperated proactively and efficiently amongst each other. This enabled them to take Host City structures, the technical recommendations and requirements, tournament agreements and local legislation into account at all times.
  • We optimised all Host City agreements in terms of the relationship between the DFB, the city or stadium and the airport.