Which requirements does a World Cup football stadium have to meet?

The stadium infrastructures and services required for football operations around World Cup matches are specified in the FIFA Stadium Requirements Handbook.
The following example taken from our work illustrates just how indispensable long years of experience are for understanding and effectively implementing these requirements.
Stadium requirements

The project

The world football association had only three years to formulate the legally binding technical recommendations and requirements for the 2018-2026 World Cup stadiums.

We were called on for support based on our proven expertise in this area.

The challenge

  • Integrating all divisions and partners of the world football association
  • Consolidating all infrastructure and operational requirements on a FIFA World Cup stadium

Our solution

  • Facilitate multidisciplinary cooperation with all internal divisions and any external experts
  • Prepare a detailed project plan
  • Develop a content management tool and definition of all responsibilities
  • Analyse, adjust and transfer the information in existing FIFA World Cup event contracts, FIFA regulations and project handbooks, etc.
  • Define project and process standards
  • Prepare a database on infrastructure requirements for FIFA World Cup stadiums
  • Consistently implement the FIFA project and knowledge management approach when formulating stadium requirements

The result

  • Compilation and standardisation of all responses received from the 30-plus project stakeholders
  • Provision of the legally binding technical recommendations and requirements for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the preliminary version for the 2022 and 2026 tournaments within the specified period
  • Integration of all additional technical recommendations and requirements, including those related to IT and broadcasting, into the planning and implementation